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County Meter Reader

  2024-07-14     Meter Reader     Aurora,MO  


The primary responsibility of this position is to read meters and record consumption of the water used, cleaning of meter boxes, and removal of vegetation impeding access to meters

Position reports to the Customer Service Supervisor

Perform manual work taking readings of meter dials and entering the read into a hand-held unit or laptop computer

Perform general maintenance of meter boxes which may include cleaning sand and debris from box and removal of some vegetation to gain access to the meter box

Walks or drives a vehicle along established routes to take readings of meter dials

Report to billing department any problems such as damaged boxes or lids, obstructions to meter access, water in meter box, water leaks, and spinning dials on register

Report to billing department any problems with dogs, bees, snakes or other wildlife which prevents access to meters

Complete re-read service orders to verify readings In cases where consumption appears to be abnormal, and record possible reasons for the fluctuations

Record and report any illegal usage to the billing department

Follow all safety procedures, rules and regulations

Utilize all safety equipment

Performs work related to this job description as required to include special projects and provide assistance to our Division as needed

Work is performed primarily outdoors

Involves frequent interaction with people

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